Sharing Your Information

Your health and social care records contain important information about you and making that information available to health and social care staff involved in your care means that everyone can work together to give you the best support we can.

We’ll always keep your information safe and never sell it or pass it on for commercial or marketing purposes. If you haven’t opted out, we’ll assume you’re happy for us to share your records. We’ll always ask for your consent before we check your record shared from another organisation, unless we have serious concern about your welfare.

If you have chosen not to opt out..

Information held on your records may be securely shared with appropriate professionals who are working with you to provide support, so your information is available when it is needed most.

However, health and social care professionals will still ask for you explicit consent to view certain information when treating and supporting you, which means that you are always presented with an option to agree or disagree.

You can be sure that:

  • Systems hold your information safely and securely.
  • Staff are trained in the importance of handling your information correctly.
  • Access to your records on systems can be restricted, if they are sensitive or private, which means they will not be visible in another care setting.
  • Information is only shared with organisations that have the necessary safe an secure systems and processes that ensure confidential information is protected.
  • Your information is not sold, or pass on to organisations for commercial or marketing purposes.
  • You can decide what information is not to be shared between professionals or organisations.

Your health and social care records contain information recorded by professionals who are involved in your care.

This information might be details of your appointments, assessments, medications or anything that would help a health or social care professional to support you.

It’s a good idea for everyone to make that information available in case they need care or help in an emergency – particularly people with certain health conditions or illnesses.

Professionals can provide better care and work more effectively and efficiently if relevant information about you can be shared among agencies providing your support. Sharing your records means health and social care worked have you most up to date information. It also means you don’t have to repeatedly provide the same facts, have unnecessary tests and it would prevent you being given medicine that you’re allergic to.